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All good things come in small packages. Wojo wallets exemplify how this compact, lightweight wallet can be a perfect partner for all.


The wallet, layered with silicon and neoprene, is flexible and easy to clean. It is compact, light in weight and the perfect replacement for a bulky wallet. It also has a perfectly fitted outer band that keeps cash and keys firmly attached to the wallet. You can have quick access to these, whenever needed. There is more to it; Wojo is slip-free, and resistant to water, heat and sweat. These wallets are available in four different colors – Red, Green, Light Blue and Blue.


Whether you are a college student, an athlete, a traveler or a blue collared executive who loves to have fun on weekends……..Grab the Wojo wallet and Go!


Generally considered to be a masculine color, blue depicts authority. Associated with the corporate world, blue reflects depth, expertise, knowledge, power and integrity. The blue color is also related to sports such as, football, boxing and cricket. Sports enthusiasts prefer this color and the compact shape of the blue colored Wojo Wallet. Whether someone is going to attend a corporate dinner or an enthralling game, the perfect combination of blue and red in Wojo wallets makes for a perfect style statement.


Color Connect:

  • Stimulates clear thought
  • Boosts creativity

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