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Wojo Wallet

keep light on your feet use a wojo


The Wojo Wallet floats (with up to 6 cards and cash). If you drop a leather wallet in the water, do you know where it goes? That’s right, straight to the bottom. If you drop a bulky leather wallet in a lake or ocean, you may never recover it! What about Charter Sports? Everyone who embarks on a charter sport excursion needs their wallet, but what do you do with your wallet once you get there? You certainly don’t want it stolen. The Wojo Wallet is the perfect solution. You can take the floating wallet in your pocket. The slip-proof cover ensures that it won’t come out of your pockets. Wojo Wallet is great for boating, skiing, surfing, kayaking, diving, and a host of other water activities, because of its compact and floating features.

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