Wojo Wallet

If you have an active lifestyle or just need to stay light, Wojo can help.

When all you need are your credit cards and cash, Wojo is the perfect solution. Cycling, hiking, boating, hunting, skiing, traveling, or a girl’s night out… Wojo is the wallet for you.

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stay light on your feet. use a wojo

Most of us only use 4-6 cards regularly, so simplify your life and carry only what you need. Get rid of your clumsy money clip, unfashionable binding clip, or that bulky wallet. Plus, you never have to transition to something different when you’re enjoying your favorite sporting activity. Protect your cards and cash from sweat, water, and the elements. Wojo is the only wallet you’ll ever need.

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Spoiler: they love what we are doing

Brian’s Backpacking Blog: The Wojo Wallet is a very cool minimalist wallet that’s made of neoprene, is easy to clean, and floats if dropped in water.
…no matter how hard you try your credit cards and cash will not accidentally fall out of the Wojo Wallet. They are held so snug that they don’t move.

Collins Andrews (Little Rock, AR): I use my Wojo every time I get close to the water – which is most every weekend! I have lost a wallet, a watch and a couple of cell phones in the lake in the past, but my Wojo floats so at least I will no longer lose a wallet. It also fits easily in my shorts and I do not have to worry about keeping it dry. Big improvement for boating and water sports!

Garry Cantrell (Dallas, TX): I bought your [wallet] because it looked like it would work well for me on long (100 km plus) bike rides. It looked like it would fit into my cycling jersey pocket easily, and the enemies of a leather wallet (sweat, heat and rain) wouldn’t be a problem.
OK, it did all that - plus I got so many positive comments, I started using it everyday. Here’s where the unexpected benefit came in. I carried my old, overstuffed, leather wallet in my right rear pocket. I also had persistent back pain in the lower left side of my back. And I do mean persistent. But about two (2) weeks after I started carrying my minimalist Wojo Wallet in my front pocket - voila! No more back pain! Who knew?