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Wojo Wallet

keep light on your feet use a wojo

Hidden Pocket

Because Wojo Wallet is small, versatile, and secure, you don’t need a big pocket to hold this small wallet. You can slip the Wojo Wallet even in a very small front pocket or tiny purse pocket. It is an ideal hidden pocket wallet. Since it weighs just a few ounces with your cards in it, you will barely know it’s there. The neoprene and silicone exterior grips your clothing, so it won’t fall out. Your cards and cash are safe in the Wojo Wallet! When you’re active, the last thing you need is a bulky wallet getting in the way. No problem. Wojo is slim, compact and flexible. The silicone exterior grips to your clothing, so you need not worry about the wallet falling out, when you go up for that lay-up!

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