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Wojo Wallet

keep light on your feet use a wojo


It doesn’t matter what sports activity you love, you usually need to have an id, and maybe a credit card or a little cash with you. Your Wojo Wallet is all you need. Even just one card stays secure in the Wojo sleeve. And you never have to worry about pulling out a soggy wallet from your pocket again. It's sweat and water-resistant. Better yet, how many people do you know who’ve lost their wallet in the lake or stream (oops, that was you?)? Never again, because Wojo even floats fully-loaded in water!

1. Cycling: Smart cyclists never head out without an id and, usually a credit card/cash for that re-fueling stop. Cyclists are some of our biggest fans. They tuck everything inside their Wojo cycling wallet, and pop it into that back jersey pocket. The silicone exterior grips the material and they never worry about it falling out or having soggy, sweaty money when they pull up to Seven-Eleven!

2. Skiing: When you head out to the slopes, put your id, card and cash into your Wojo and tuck it into one of your zippered pockets. No more unzipping your pocket and having your cash and cards fall out because you didn’t want to bring your whole wallet with you to the slopes.

3. Boating: Leather wallets and boating is a bad combination. How many guys do you know that have dropped their wallet in the lake or tipped their canoe and realized their wallet was now “swimming with the fishes”? Oops, that was you? Never fear! Wojo Wallet floats, fully loaded, in water. Take it for a swim anytime!

4. Hunting/Fishing: Ah…where to put that pesky license you have to keep with you? It fits securely in your Wojo and when you drop it in the mud or water you just pick it up and rinse it off. No problem.

5. Hiking: You need your id and credit cards, but the last thing you need is to be weighed down with a bulky wallet. Wojo Wallet weighs .7 ounce. It’s a true minimalist hiking wallet.

6. Water Sports: When you’re wake-boarding, surfing, snorkeling, diving, etc.. the dilemma is always what to do with your id, cards/cash. Will it be safe if you leave it behind? Now you don’t have to worry. Take your Wojo and jump in! Wojo is water resistant and the silicone exterior grips your clothing material – keeping it safe in any pocket.

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